Newsletter - July 2019

27 Jun 2019

The more astute amongst you may possibly have noticed that there wasn’t a June newsletter! I have no excuse to offer other than that I was away at the rather uninspiring (I thought) Wirral Folk Festival and busy with other stuff on my return so by the time it got to the middle of June I thought bugger it…..I’ll leave it till July. However…….

…….what a fabulous month we had in June ‘eh! Yet another awesome appearance from Clive Gregson who never fails us; had our fancie’s tickled by the incomparable Dave Love; Singers’ night of course and we’ve still got Fragile Hearts to look forward to this Friday!! Oh what fun we’ve had!
Anyway, July is now just around the corner and as usual it’s a short month for Woodman club goers but entertaining nonetheless, so without further ado, here goes:-

Friday 5th July sees the very welcome return of Risky Business to the club. It’s been a fraction over two years since we hosted them after we’d all thought they’d packed it in, but no, they’re touring again and even better that we’ve got them to delight us at the club this evening! We’re all familiar with the wonderful musicianship and vocals of Ruth & Ken Powell but now with the addition of Dave Walmisley (known to us through Other Roads), we will be in for a real treat. Wonderful vocalists, superb musicians…..what’s not to like?

The following week, the 12th, as always we will be closed because the Woodman tends to move almost lock, stock and instruments to the world famous spectacular that is BROMSGROVE FOLK FESTIVAL! See you there I hope.

Friday the 19th sees our final club night of the season as we look forward to a summer break of festivals, holidays, barbecues and whatever else floats our collective boats so, to take us out into the summer break in style we are welcoming back the Gary Edwards Jones Band. October ’16 was the last time we hosted Gary and the band so it’s certainly time for this return visit and fitting that they provide the finale to this excellent season, Gary is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, with a voice so reminiscent of Paul Simon that he has recently completed a tour entitled “Something About Simon” in homage to his muse. His debut CD, ‘The Cabinet Maker’ was released some while ago to great acclaim. As many of you will remember from his previous visits Gary has penned some beautiful songs so the night will be filled with his own stuff plus, maybe the occasional cover. Gary plays guitar and takes lead vocals and will be joined this time by his wife Elizabeth on fiddle and mandolin, Jon Fellowes on guitars and Dan Logan on percussion. We promised they’d be back – now here they are!

That will be all folks so enjoy the summer break and we’ll see you all again when you roll up in your droves to renew your memberships on September the 13th! Till then, Cheers and have a good break……

Rob x