Newsletter - September 2019

16 Sep 2019

Well, thatís it for another year, Summer that is and phew, what a busy one it was!.Ö.Several festivals visited and many pints quaffed and before ye know it itís Woodman opening time again, and once again we have an exciting line-up for you this September to kick-start the year off, albeit a slightly later start than usual, (blame Bromyard Folk Festival for that), so fewer guests to tell you about, but here goes:

Friday 13th September will be the first one of our legendary Singersí Nights. Donít be disappointed, these singers nights are normally over-subscribed so do please contact Debby or Derry on 01384 560462 to ensure you get a floor spot, we have a maximum of 14 slots. Alternatively just come and enjoy the talent on display. A great night is guaranteed! Also it will be membership renewal night: only a fiver and you save a pound on every other night at the club. You know it makes sense!

On the following Friday (20th) we are going to be welcoming Robin Laing to the club and unless Iím mistaken (which believe me has been known!) this will be Robinís first visit to the Woodman and very welcome he is too. Scotsman Robin is one of the UKís finest singer- songwriters and has been performing, touring and recording for many years. His first CDís were produced as a semi-pro musician in the Ď80ís but Robin went full time in 1996 and hasnít stopped since. An acknowledged expert/connoisseur of uisge beatha, (the water of life) or whisky to you and me, he regularly tours his one-man whisky show - often with tastings - what a guy!! Heís recorded many CDís and also writes books about his favourite subject and Iím sure the merch table will be well stocked.

Friday 27th sees a very welcome return visit of the ever popular Mike Silver. This will be Mikeís eleventh visit to the club since the start of this century, which just goes to show how much we all love him and appreciate his immense talent. After many years of hard work he became an Ďovernight successí when the late Terry Wogan played his song ďA Matter of PrideĒ extensively on Radio 2. Mike is probably one of the most popular performers on the folk scene and his visits to The Woodman invariably become one of the highlights of the year. With his easy, laid back style, golden voice and superb songs it is certainly a night you will not want to miss.

A short month, but a goodín so come on down and enjoy yourselves!


Rob x