Newsletter - Jan 2022

16 Dec 2021

Well, where did that go then? 2021 is almost over and once again it’s been a bit of a funny-un….again! Since re-opening in September we’ve been entertained mainly by regular club guests except of course that wonderful, hilarious re-acquaintance with Huw Williams a few weeks ago, but rest assured that as well as club regulars we have some exciting new artistes lined up for 2022. So….on to January and…

…Friday 7th will be the opening Singers’ Night of the year so as usual get there early to book your spot as Singers' Nights are very popular and slots are limited However, to be sure, it would be best to book a spot in advance by contacting Debby & Derry either by phone or email - contact details are on the home page.
Please note that if you have pre-booked a spot you need to be at the club before 8:30 to confirm, or the slot may be re-allocated

Then the 14th will see our old friend Malcolm Jeffrey make a welcome return to the Woodman stage. Most of you know Malcy, he’s a quirky kinda fella, extremely talented and of course one of our own, home grown, local artistes of which we are quite rightly, very proud. Whether delivering comic songs ŕ la Jake Thackray or Tom Lehrer or ballads brimming with subtle pathos, you can be sure he will keep you entertained delightfully so welcome back again Malc.

On the 21st we will be presenting another of our favourite Woodman regulars namely The John Richards Band. It’s been a couple of years since they last appeared with us, for obvious reasons, so we welcome them back with open arms. These days John’s band is a bit of a ‘moveable feast’ in that, you never know quite what/who you will get! He has scaled down operations from his regular band gigging days however tonight we could possibly be entertained by John, Emma Jones, and Jim Sutton and very possibly one other member. We shall just have to wait and see! John always puts on a good show in whatever guise so be sure to catch this one, it’ll be worth it!

Then finally for January, on the 28th we will be featuring our first brand new artiste of the year to the club in the delightful guise of Mair Thomas. Mair is a Welsh lass as you might have gathered, who describes herself as “a singer songwriter, playing guitar or acapella, singing in Welsh and English” however that barely does her justice. Mair was brought up in Montgomeryshire in a Welsh speaking family, where she was introduced to the chapel and eisteddfod tradition. She started writing songs in 2003, and has since been played on Radio 3’s Late Junction, and also has featured as a special guest on Radio Shropshire’s Sunday Folk, hosted by Genevieve Tudor. Mair was the winner of the 2014 Shropshire Singer Songwriter competition at Shrewsbury’s Buttermarket, and has also appeared at the Llangollen’s Women’s Festival, and Fringe Acoustica. She also plays regularly at pubs and clubs in Shropshire and in the Welsh Borders…….and now we welcome her to The Woodman.

And that, my friends, concludes the line up for our opening month of 2022 and pretty impressive it is too!

Cheers, and look after yourselves.

Rob x