Newsletter - Feb 2022

23 Jan 2022

Well, here we are again folkmates, almost at the end of our opening month of the year and it’s been pretty good so far I’m sure you’ll agree AND we’ve still got Mair Thomas to look forward to next Friday to round the month off.

So on to February then and as often happens, on Friday the 4th we’ll be kicking off the month with another one of our superb Singers Nights so don’t be disappointed, these singers nights are normally over-subscribed so do please contact Debby or Derry on 01384 560462 to ensure you get a floor spot, we have a maximum of 14 slots. Alternatively just come and enjoy the talent on display. A great night is guaranteed!

Next on the 11th we’ll be delighted to welcome back a couple of very popular previous guests namely Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer. Vicki and Jonny provide us with a quirky mix of songs, tunes and instruments! Their performances showcase new interpretations of old songs alongside original self penned tunes and new contemporary songs that are entirely at home in the tradition. Be entranced by the haunting nyckelharpa, amazed at the cow horn, (one of the worlds earliest communication devices), and meet some of the bagpipes that didn’t come from Scotland. Their evenings are packed with toe tapping tunes and songs of love, death, trains and dressing up, (not always at the same time), all presented with sparkling gentle humour, lots of smiles and skillful musicianship.

Then on the 18th we have an interesting and intriguing new pairing in the forms of Keith Donnelly & Lauren South. We all know Keith of course both from earlier club appearances and from his frequent festival spots however Lauren is a new name and face to the club. Keith is one of the most popular, and, yes slightly crazy, figures in the folk world, and now teams up with the scene’s most exciting new voice - Lauren South. Lauren’s stunning vocals on her own songs, Keith’s, and the odd ‘trad’ songs, not forgetting her violin, guitar and Shruti box playing, never fail to ‘wow’ audiences wherever she goes. Anyone who ever saw Keith work with Dark Horses, Nothing by Chance, or indeed (back in the day) Waterfall, won’t be too surprised to see him jump at the chance to work with a vocalist like Lauren.

Keith says - ‘This is probably the most important new duo since Steve Beer teamed up with that Phil Knightley!’ (But then he would say that wouldn’t he)
Lauren says - ‘Oh for heaven’s sake!’

Finally on the 25th it really is a great pleasure to welcome back local lass and club favourites, Kim Lowings & The Greenwood. Kim and the boys were last with us just before the dreaded ‘C’ word struck, and Kim has had an eventful time in the interim and has become a mum! This band never fails to put on a brilliant night for us. They have been regular guests at the club for several years now and their musicianship, Kim’s vocals - backed up by Dave’s haunting harmonies - and their general charisma and stage presence have simply gone through the roof over the last couple of years. Their CD collection will no doubt be on sale at the show so don’t miss out – it’s all good stuff. Another unmissable night in store!

And finally of course February marks the club’s birthday, 51 this year and still going strong despite all that’s been thrown at us during the last couple of years. So, here’s to the next 50!!

Anyway, that’s all for now so

Cheers…..and enjoy yourselves,

Rob x