Newsletter - May 2022

02 May 2022

Well hello again folkers! It's official, the festival season has just begun for another year but if you’re not venturing out with your rucksack, tent and pegs just yet, the Woodman has another month of marvelous music, merrymaking and mirth to present to you, beginning with…….

….Friday 6th and a further visit from our old, (I use the word advisedly!!), friend from bonny Wanlockhead, Dave Gibb. Dave has entertained us magnificently on many occasions in the past and I’m sure that this will be no exception. He describes himself as ‘a left-handed, balding, middle aged, songwriting folky from Scotland’s highest village’ and that’s a pretty good summing up really. If you’ve managed to catch him at a festival or on one of his previous visits to the club then you’ll know what you’re in for. If not come down and find out - you won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee it! Dave is an excellent singer songwriter, no mean guitar picker either and he’s sure to raise a chortle or two with his anecdotes of life on the road. You will no doubt be instructed to….. ‘SING’!!

Moving swiftly on to the 13th we are delighted to present yet another completely new act for us in the form of The Lost Trades, who are a trio of Wiltshire based singer songwriters (Jamie R Hawkins, Phil Cooper and Tamsin Quin), brought together by a mutual love of modern folk and roots music. Having joined forces in late 2019, their close, three part harmonies have consistently drawn comparisons to Crosby Stills & Nash and Fleetwood Mac. Performing both collectively and individually penned songs, The Lost Trades tell carefully crafted stories using an array of stringed instruments and light percussion, all lovingly stitched together with soaring vocal harmonies. As this will be their debut visit to the club and no doubt they will have their recently completed album, “The Bird, The Book & The Barrel” on sale, why not take a little bit of them home with you.

The 20th will be yet another of our marvelous Singers Nights. You know the rules so make sure that you get there early to book your spot as Singers' Nights are very popular and slots are limited However, to be sure, it would be best to book a spot in advance by contacting Debby & Derry either by phone or email - contact details are on the home page.
Please note that if you have pre-booked a spot you need to be at the club before 8:30 to confirm, or the slot may be re-allocated.

And lastly for this month on the 27th we will be welcoming back one of our excellent finds from the recent past, Mr. Gary Edward Jones. As regular visitors to the club will know, Gary is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, with a voice so reminiscent of Paul Simon that he regularly takes out a tour entitled “Something About Simon” in homage to his muse. His debut CD, ‘The Cabinet Maker’ was released some while ago to great acclaim. Many of you will remember from his previous visits that Gary has penned some beautiful songs so the night will be filled with his own stuff plus, maybe the occasional cover. Gary plays guitar and this will be his first visit to the club as a solo artist having been joined by other members on his three previous ones, so something a little different tonight and I can promise you it’ll be worth waiting for.

Cheer m'dears,

Rob xx