Newsletter - June 2022

23 May 2022

Well, it’ll soon be June….again….I have no idea why the years just seem to keep spinning by with an ever increasing speed! But at least we still have most of the summer and autumn to look forward to with all the festivals and holidays that those sunny seasons bring…..not to mention all the delights that we still have in store for you on Friday nights down at the marina, and the jolly month of June will commence……

…….on Friday 3rd with the inaugural appearance of Mr Craig Sunderland.

Craig is yet another new name to the club and is a wonderfully talented singer and fingerstyle guitarist from Coventry who is regularly seen around the folk clubs of Warwickshire and beyond. He began playing at the age of 8 and had the good fortune to be tutored by local legend Dave Bennett. After a brief foray into playing guitar in a few local metal bands he has returned to his roots on the folk scene and has become an established act at the famous Wurzel Bush Folk Club, currently in Rugby. Craig has been described as "good" by none other than Gordon Giltrap…..high praise indeed!

Then on Friday 10th we have the very welcome, long awaited return of Landermason to the club for their third visit. Landermason are vocal and multi-instrumentalist Fiona Lander and Paul Mason on vocals and guitar. They have developed a unique sound which displays a high degree of virtuosity and with which they combine both traditional and contemporary folk with jazz and other musical styles. They have released an impressive array of CD’s, most of which will doubtlessly be on sale, and have appeared on BBC radios 2, 3 and 4. Now getting increasingly known on the folk and festival circuit, and last with us back in July 2018 - before the world went mad, one way and another, so a night not to be missed I reckon!

Which takes us to the 17th which will be another of our legendary Singers Nights. You must know the drill by now but as a memory jogger suffice to say Get there early to book your spot as Singers' Nights are very popular and slots are limited However, to be sure, it would be best to book a spot in advance by contacting Debby & Derry - contact details are on the home page.

Please note that if you have pre-booked a spot you need to be at the club before 8:30 to confirm, or the slot may be re-allocated.

And last but by no means least on Friday 24th we are delighted to present a recently updated change to the advertised programme in the form of our old friend Mick Bisiker and the latest incarnation of his Band of Rack & Ruin.

Mick has been a friend and a favourite of the club for many a long year and has performed either as a solo artist, a duo (with various others), a trio (ditto) and of course as The Band of Rack and Ruin as we have tonight. The band were last with us pre-covid back in May 2019 so it’ll be great to see them back. The line up has changed a little from last time, so we still have Mick, Chris Radley and Deb Gomme as before on various stringy and blowy things, but now with the addition of Jen martin on fiddle and vocals. Sounds good to me!

Oh and by the way, Keith Judson and The Mary Stevens Choir, (who’ve had to back out of our last spot in June - the 24th), will be appearing later in the year or early next year as soon as a revised mutually convenient date can be sorted.

Well that’s abaht it fer now but there’ll be a couple of things happening in early July before we break up for the summer so more about that in the next Newsletter.


Rob x